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Pcdj Dj Softwear A Lust For Dj's
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zaterdag 27 juli 2013

*Imix* BaBa Music BricklaneRadio Jack Kandi Village Vibes

mix .dj just a style i wanna try to get more attention to than only funkyhouse and discohouse i'm playing there are more styles i do to buy these tracks in this mix the playlist 1:\Kandi bricklane jingle.mp3 128.8 2:\Franz Johann - Disco Touch 128 128.0 3:\Franz Johann - Garage (Main mix) A 128 BP 4:\Franz-Johann-Sheik-Yerbouti Noise Pump (Original Mix)124.0 5:\Franz Johann - Hoomba_(CB Remix) 128BPM 128.0 6:\Cohuna Beatz Deep Mode (Original Mix). 126.0 7:\Batusim Accentric (Batusim Rework). 125.0 8:\Franz Johann - Springtime (Cohuna Beatz Deep Tech Remix) .mp3 128.0 9:\Franz Johann - Oye Como Va 128bpm A_.mp3 128.0 10:\Franz Johann - Siente El Ritmo (Original Mix) mp3 128.0 11:\Franz johann - Delicada (Original Mix) 128 BPM A.mp3 128.0 12:\Music\Kandi bricklane jingle.mp3 128.8 to buy this release and tracks from baba music Download from www.beatport.com/label/b-a-b-a-records/14808 Visit B.A.B.A. Records Web www.babarecords.org